Monday, January 4, 2010

inspired by: Mirtha Jung

one of the dvd's collecting dust in my room is the movie Blow, with the ever amazing Johnny Depp and beautiful Penelope Cruz. i thought of this movie today for no apparent reason, and instead of brushing the cobwebs off of it and actually watching it, i decided to blog about it. i absolutely love Penelope in this movie. she's the kind of woman men want and women want to be. i don't know what to mention first... the amazing 70's style, that gorgeous spanish hair (plus one for me being from Spain & getting blessed with spanish hair) ...or that incredibly sexy accent? let's not even get started with Depp.

"Mirtha became my running partner. Beautiful, passionate... and as crazy as I was. She could party like a man and love like a woman."

this is a good one to add to the list if you haven't seen it :o) classic.

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stephanie said...

GREAT post! this movie's amazing and you're so right about penelope/mirtha-- i love her in this film- style and personality