Wednesday, January 6, 2010

inspired by: Nikki

Sienna Miller as Nikki in Alfie

I came across this statue of a Greek goddess in marble. Aphrodi... Aphrodite, something like that. Beautiful, she was. Perfect female form. I stood in awe of her. Finally, the teacher calls us all over, and I'm walking past it, and on the way I notice, in the side of this Greek goddess, all these cracks, chips, imperfections. Ruined her for me. Well, that's Nikki. A beautiful sculpture, damaged... in a way you don't notice till you get too close.

one of my favorite Sienna roles ever. so good.


SomedayNewYorker said...

She has incredible style in all of the movies shes in . Especially Factory girl.

divine bunny said...

this movie changed my fashion forever. although it isnt the best movie of all time. sienna is so smart witty beautiful crazy in this film.

her and her characters hair are something ive always wanted.

kendal croix said...

she looks so wonderful in these photos.

Sunna said...

I totally agree. Sienna was really inspiring in Factory Girl as well.